VMware Workstation 12.5.5 Cracked

  • May 31st, 2017
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VMware is a virtual machine which can be used to set up virtual environment over a Physical Machine without disturbing the current Windows which is in use.It support virtual OS like Microsoft,BSD,Linux, and Macintosh.

Features of VMware Workstation:

It supports bridging of networks over the Physical Machine.One can use Removable media, DVD-Rom, and Portable storages.

It has one unique feature that one can have a snapshot at any instant which can be restored if ever needed.This feature is used be People doing Memory Forensic, Malware analysis and even by normal users also.

Users can adjust hardware configuration for their operating system.


Diferrence between the Phyical system and Virtual Environment


Why most of hardware components can’t be directly accessed by VMware like WIFI card.

Below figure 1 shows how a normal OS looks and figure 2 shows how VMware looks like.

You can see, Virtual Machine does not have Hardware Components and it uses via sharing from the Operating system on the physical machine.


Figure 1


Figure 2


I hope you guys are clear with what i want to diffrentiate via these figures.

File Properties:

Version :12.5.5 VMware Workstation


File Type: Rar format

Download Links:

   Link 1      ,

Decryption key        !F0DFXAVKjwyRlBxPlgHIHYAw36fyAWSGH7SAMB0A_ag                           

Use above decryption key to decrypt encrypted file for security Reasons.

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